Delayed Filing Due to COVID-19: (12/4/2020)
Filing Status Report (12/18/2020)

 Delayed Filing Due to Late Supplemental Appropriation Act: (10/29/2019)

Delayed Filing Due to Late Supplemental Appropriation Act:  (10/31/2018)

Delayed Filing Due to Late Supplemental Appropriation Act: (10/31/2017)

Filing Status Report: 11/7/2017

Statutory Basis Financial Report (SBFR)

The Statutory Basis Financial Report is prepared by the Office of the Comptroller, reviewed by Independent Certified Public Accountants and published in October. This report meets state finance law requirements to present fairly the results of fiscal year activity in the Commonwealth's funds, to compute and certify the balance in the Stabilization Fund and to disclose and report certain aspects of financial performance as directed by statute.


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